redheaded day

I was really aroused at the time as he’s step mum had been walking around the house bare foot the whole time I was there and so I was going to wait until it all quiets down and start to masturbate.



I remembered that during the evening I had seen a plastic bag with a pair of her pumps in the kitchen so I went to get a drink of water and check it out. I found the bag, I had to try to open it without making too much noise because the house was now in total silence. As soon as I took the first shoe out I could instantly smell her sweaty feet. Once both shoes were out I had a closer look at them and couldn’t believe my eyes at how worn these shoes were. The insoles were absolutely filthy but I wanted to see the bit where the toes sit so I pulled out one insole and the toe prints were like something I’ve never seen before! You could see each toe print clearly and they were massively indented in.